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Bay denies The Birds and Rosemary's Baby remakes

MichaelBay.jpgMichael Bay has come out and flatly denied that Platinum Dunes were remaking Rosemary's Baby nor were they ever considering remaking The Birds. Now while I take his word as gospel, after all he's the film-maker and the man behind the company, I have to wonder where all the past stories were coming from.

Rosemary's Baby has had a couple of producers talking about the remake at Platinum Dunes and The Birds story has been around for ages, with actors and producers talking about the script. So if it's just a rumour, has everyone been complicit in making it up?

Michael Bay responded to a post on his Shoot for the Edit Forum, through MichaelBay.com, where someone mentioned the remake of Rosemary's Baby and he said, just yesterday:

”No just a bad rumor. Not true at all. The same can be said for the Birds - we never considered that remake for Platinum Dunes.”

So let's have a quick look back at just two stories for Rosemary's Baby.

In Rosemary's Baby remake killed? the comments from Platinum Dune producers Andrew Form and Bradley Fuller were:

“Rosemary’s Baby was announced and it’s like a little bit like we’re taking about with Freddy. We went down that road and we even talked to the best writers in town and it feels like it might not be do-able...

...We couldn’t’ come up with something where it felt like it was relevant and we could add something to it other than what it was so we’re now not going to be doing that film.”

Then let me pick on another story featuring Form and Fuller's comments, News on Rosemary's Baby and The Birds remakes, where they say:

...whoever’s criticizing Rosemary’s Baby hasn’t read Scott Kosar’s – we’re calling it Rosemary’s Baby, but we’re not doing that movie. But they haven’t read Scott Kosar’s script, which is now called The Sacrifice. They haven’t read that script, so when they can criticize something they know nothing about, that doesn’t resonate with me.

So I've just picked two of the latest stories I found on Filmstalker about the Rosemary's Baby film, and both feature Platinum Dunes producers talking positively about the film. There's a lot of other comments, so surely that film was actually actively looked at?

Okay, a quick look at that remake of The Birds, and here's what From and Fuller say in The Birds remake continues:

"We're expecting a script in the next 2-3 weeks, but...it's not like Drew, Michael and I think that we're just going to c**p all over Alfred Hitchcock's movie...I mean, Alfred Hitchcock in a company-wide opinion is probably the greatest director of what we do and other things too.

And as someone, who at least Michael and I studied in college...there's a reverence for him. So that's not a movie that we're just going to step up and just go have birds attacking people...If we can't make that movie unique or add something to it, I don't think we're going to make it."

Previously to that Naomi Watts spoke about the offer she reportedly had been made about the film:

“It's a work-in-progress at this point...I think it's a wonderful film. There are great things in it that interest me. The script isn't completely there yet, it probably won't happen until next year...I'm sure they'll come with me the next draft. I've seen one draft, it's good. There's more to develop.”

Okay, so now I am confused. Looking at those stories it's pretty clear that something was happening on both these films.

So let's be fair, perhaps Michael Baymeant to say that they were considered but never really got any further than a script and a possibility, after all both Fuller and Form were saying in a couple of the later stories above that both projects was dead, even if they talked about Rosemary's Baby in a positive light afterwards.

Maybe I've taken the wrong end of the stick, perhaps From and Fuller are independent producers and build ideas through script level and were trying to sell the ideas to Platinum Dunes and they never accepted.

Or the third possible get out clause is that the producers, actress, and all the other people involved in the rumours, were all manipulating the media to get more exposure and get their name associated with any project that was going.

I'm going for the first one. I think Bay's just hasn't responded correctly, because I think it's pretty clear that remakes of both films were being scripted and moving forward.



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