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Black Death trailer online

SeanBean.jpgThe trailer for Black Death, the latest film from Christopher Smith, has arrived online. Smith brought us Creep, Severance and the rather cool Triangle, and now he's promising the medieval tale of plagues and witches.

Sean Bean, Eddie Redmayne and Carice van Houten star in the story of a monk assigned to with the task of leading a group of knights to a village unnaturally protected from the plague to hunt for a Necromancer who may have the power to raise the dead, amongst other things.

The trailer looks interesting, but I just don't see the story coming through as yet, perhaps there's another trailer to come that will deliver the story rather than showing us the style and look and feel of the film, mind you, you can't knock Sean Bean with a sword can you? Especially with the promise of another Christopher Smith film.

Here's the trailer for Black Death:



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