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Bruce Lee's The Silent Flute film being made

BruceLee.jpgBefore Bruce Lee died in 1973 he wrote a treatment for a martial arts film, the film was adapted in 1978 into Circle of Iron, helped by producer Paul Maslansky.

Now he's set to develop a new adaptation of the treatment with his son, Sasha Maslansky, writing the new screenplay and also working as a producer on the film along with various other producers including Bey Logan.

The original adaptation, Circle of Iron, had a little surprise for me as I looked through the writers of the story. Stirling Silliphant and Stanley Mann wrote the screenplay but there are three names down for the story, Bruce Lee, Silliphant, and none other than the iconic actor James Coburn.

No he didn't star in the film, but David Carradine did along with Christopher Lee, Roddy McDowall and Eli Wallach.

Now the same producer behind that film is working on a new version with his son writing the screenplay. Doesn't it sound as though there was some unfinished business with the original?

The Silent Flute is the name of the new version of the Bruce Lee treatment, the rights to which the producer bought from the widow of Sandy Howard, his co-producer on the original.

Speaking to Variety Maslansky said of his new version of the film that it will be...

”...an epic martial arts adventure film that promises to honor Bruce Lee's original artistic and philosophical conception...It also promises to reach new levels of action and adventure never before seen in martial arts filmmaking.”

The original adaptation of Lee's treatment followed a martial artist who was on a quest for the Book of All Knowledge, and on the way he has various trials which educate him in the ways of Zen philosophy. Apparently the original treatment would have had Bruce Lee playing the role of the mentor character, a role played by David Carradine in Circle of Iron.

The good news is that the film looks set to go all out to make something special of the film that Lee wrote what was never meant to be. Perhaps this will make his memory proud.



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