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Carlos the Jackal film is butchered for release

EdgarRamirez.jpgI was excited at the prospect of a film about the terrorist Carlos the Jackal, aka Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, and intrigued with Olivier Assayas co-writing and directing the story.

However the news came that it was going to be released as a three part mini-series because of the running time of five and a half hours. Excitement returned when there was word of a film release, but that was going to be cut down to one film release, something that meant a heavy cut, and something that has been confirmed with it's entry into Cannes.

We heard before that the film release was going to get cut, but I hadn't realised this heavily. Apparently the feature film version is some one hundred and fifty minutes, that means over half of the story is being cut out from the original version. I wonder then if it will be as insightful and engaging as it was first intended. Frankly I can't see how.

The announcement in Variety doesn't tell us much more, but it does have Olivier Assayas commenting on the film and being surprised that he was allowed to make it.

”Not long ago, the idea of making a film about Carlos would have scared French producers...But nowadays I sense that we're being encouraged to make films that have a contemporary dimension.”

With Édgar Ramírez playing the lead role in Carlos as well as the writer/director and the subject matter, I'm really keen to see it, however I can't help but feel I'll be incredibly short changed.

You could be too unless you get to see the five and a half hour version on The Sundance Channel or Canal Plus where it's intended to be shown. I think I might await a potential Blu-ray release where I can watch the film in it's entirety, I'd much rather watch that than the half length feature version. Shame though, because then the film release might be deemed a failure if many people think like I do.

I'm surprised though, if the double bill for Mesrine, Mesrine: Killer Instinct (Filmstalker review) and Mesrine: Public Enemy No. 1 (Filmstalker review), you would have thought that the French film industry would have taken a chance and allowed them to split the running time between two films.



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