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Chris Rock remaking Kurosawa

ChrisRock.jpgChris Rock is intent in going from classic film to classic film and remaking them in a modern setting, and this time he's re-writing an Akira Kurosawa film for the director Mike Nichols.

Kurosawa? Really? Apparently he's adapting the celebrated director and writer's 1963 detective film Tengoku to jigoku, or Heaven and Hell, also known as High and Low.

I find this hard to believe, this is Chris Rock, the comedian, the man who adapted the film Death at a Funeral which was hardly that old, in fact just a few years, and now he's talking about remaking an Akira Kurosawa film?

Well Mike Nichols must hold some faith in him, unless they've just been paired by the studio and Nichols had little choice, but he's such a big name you would expect he would have a say in such things. So why did he say yes? He really must see something in the project and the pairing.

Still, I find it hard to believe that this is the obvious choice for a remake by Rock or Nichols. Except that's the news from Black Voices through /Film.

Here's the blurb for the original film, Tengoku to jigoku:

At a crucial point in his business life, executive Gondo learns that his son has been kidnapped and that the ransom demanded is near the amount Gondo has raised for a critical business deal. Gondo is prepared to pay the ransom - that is, until he learns that the kidnappers have mistakenly abducted not Gondo's son, but the child of Gondo's chauffeur. Now Gondo must decide whether the other man's child is equally worth saving.

Well at least the good news is that Mike Nichols is directing, perhaps he'll be able to bring something out of this?

Chris Rock has remade a few other films as producer and/or writer. Before Death at a Funeral as Death at a Funeral. There was Eric Rohmer's L'Amour l'après-midi as I Think I Love My Wife and Down to Earth, a remake of Heaven Can Wait, and there's La première étoile, another recent French film that he's set to remake that isn't even a year old.

At least you could say one thing, he's picking interesting projects to remake, but do they need rewritten merely to put them in a U.S. setting without, in most cases, subtitles? I'm hoping the Nichols directed film will be more than that.



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