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Closing Credits: Corin Redgrave

CorinRedgrave.jpgCorin Redgrave, one of the members of the famous acting Redgrave family, has died aged seventy.

The actor has been known for his talent on screen as much as his political voice off screen, and as you would expect from the passionate Redgrave family of actors and actresses, after beating prostate cancer and surviving a serious heart attack he kept on acting.

As soon as you see his face you may well be thinking of Four Weddings and a Funeral, and that excellent speech in the crowded room in the Scottish hotel, talking about his new bride, I certainly remember that scene, and yet there is so much more to the actor.

Corin Redgrave was a big stage performer, and his role as King Lear in 2004 at Stratford marked just over fifty years since his father played the role and received critical acclaim, as noted by his story in The Guardian.

In a couple of his very early roles he acted in The Deadly Affair and A Man for All Seasons, two hugely cast films, and both gained a lot of praise and awards, something that continued throughout his career with the The Charge of the Light Brigade; Oh! What a Lovely War; When Eight Bells Toll; Excalibur; Eureka; In the Name of the Father; Four Weddings and a Funeral; England, My England; Persuasion, Enigma and Shackleton.

Big films, indeed some major films, starring alongside some amazing names and producing great performances. Amongst all those films are a huge list of actors and directors I just can't even begin to list without melting my fingers. Directors such as John Boorman for Excalibur, Sidney Lumet for The Deadly Affair, and Richard Attenborough for Oh! What a Lovely War, and actors from Orson Welles to John Gielgud and his many family of actors.

Amongst all that have been some great television appearances and his superb stage career. Honestly I've been amazed at the roles he's had in his career.

Not just that, but he's been an active voice in human rights and politics throughout the world. He's a loss for stage, television, and film, as well as another terrible loss for the Redgrave family.

As always, and especially in this case, the good thoughts and wishes from Filmstalker and readers go out to his fantastically talented family and friends.

Stage, film and television Actor
Corin Redgrave



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