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Commando remake serious?

Commando.jpgWho would have thought that even the films of Arnie aren't free of the remake machine of Hollywood. You would have thought the threat of him returning to the big screen would have been enough to keep the hounds at bay, not so as today a remake of Commando has been announced.

Of course it is one of the older Arnie films, but at the same time it's one of the most enjoyable because it is so much fun and there's so much tongue in cheek to it. Mind you it's also one of those major stepping stones that took him onto the star he is today.

Now the remake is being written by David Ayer, and there are some major changes planned, not least echoing the recent changes in the idea of the lead of the next in the Predator series, Predators, where the huge frame of Arnold Schwarzenegger is replaced with a normal looking bloke who happens to be highly skilled in the art of fighting.

According to Deadline Hollywood Daily, that's what's going to happen to this Commando. We're going to see a character who is much more realistic and down to earth, a much less visually imposing guy who is well trained in the art of special weapons and tactics.

It would make sense since Ayers himself is a former Navy soldier, and he would know such things. That and he wrote Training Day and Street Kings, which if you think about the tone and strength of those films then we're already sensing the direction of this new Commando.

While some are hopeful of retaining the more fun and enjoyable aspects of the original film, I think we're going to end up with something darker, harsher and much more violent. While that suits me, it's hard to see it being termed a straight remake as opposed to one of the hotly used phrases, a reimagining.

The original story saw a retired elite special forces soldier lose his daughter one day, only to find that she's been kidnapped and held against her will in order for him to do what they say. Of course he doesn't want to play their way so he kills his bodyguards, escapes from the plane he was on as it takes off, and heads off on his own way to rescue her and kill everyone involved in the process. He does a damn good job of it too.

Apparently this new version will be less brawn and more brains, more real soldier than film version, and while that sounds like it could make for a good film, especially with Ayers writing, I do think that this will be far from the original Commando one-liners and funny moments.

It's funny because I was on the train the other day and heard someone watching it on their laptop – they weren't using headphones – and it brought me right back. I could see the scenes matching with the dialogue and I was wishing I was watching at that point. Now isn't that the sign of a good film?

Ayer's not all Harsh Times and Training Days, he's written on U-571, The Fast and the Furious, Dark Blue and the fun but flopped S.W.A.T..

I do have high hopes for David Ayer's script though, after all he's got a couple of great films behind him, I just don't think this will be the Commando we all know and love.



It's already been remade - Taken.

Mmm, I see what you're saying, the plot outline is there, but the tone and feel of Commando isn't. Ah, yes I get it now, the harder, darker remake that Ayer may well deliver has been done, yes I agree.

However Commando hasn't been remade yet, not with that tongue in cheek aspect. The plot has been taken and reworked elsewhere.

There was a russian remake last year:



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