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Closed: Win a copy of The Bridge starring Franka Potente

TheBridge.jpgThe Bridge, or Die Brücke, is a film starring Franka Potente whom you'll easily recognise from a number of German and Hollywood films, most notable for her role in Run Lola Run and more recently a number of bigger western films, as well as television series such as The Shield.

Two years ago she starred in Die Brücke, a remake of the 1959 film of the same name which received some praise for being a sobering depiction of how war affects people, in this case the school children tasked to defend the bridge during the Allied invasion.

The story of The Bridge is, well it's better that I give you the official blurb which tells you all you need to know about the film.

...is a breathless and utterly gripping tale of courage and heroism amid the explosive chaos of World War II.

Just a few weeks before the surrender of Nazi Germany to the allies, young recruit Albert is drafted along with a cadre of soldiers to defend The Bridge, a vital lifeline for the war effort and a strategic vantage point that must be protected to the death.

As the Allied forces approach, troops are mobilised, bombs begin to fall and anarchy begins to take hold. With their superiors fleeing, Albert, his brave band of brothers and Elfie, a local schoolteacher (Potente) are left in a life or death battle to survive.

Confronted by the brutal reality of war these young heroes must defend their land and their people at all costs, before the madness of war consumes them all.

You can see a trailer for the DVD release right here, and while it doesn't give away much of the story it does show that it's not pulling any punches.

The original receives a good deal of praise, so what of the remake? Well I will be getting a review of it live soon, but in the meantime, wouldn't you like to win a free copy?

How do you win a copy of The Bridge on DVD you ask? It couldn't be easier. Just make sure you have a UK postal address and answer this question through the link below.

One of the stars of the film, Franka Potente, helped Matt Damon's character escape from the authorities in which Hollywood action franchise?

Simple, see I told you. Just select the link below to open up an email, add the answer and your postal address into the email, and send it off.

The competition is open from now until midnight GMT on the 19th of April, and remember you need a UK address, and you must answer through the following link.

Competition Closed

Get entering, and you could own a copy of the DVD.



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