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Closed: Win the Star Trek graphic novel Nero

Nero .jpgStar Trek: Nero is a collection of three comics in one graphic novel that tells the story of the villain of the film, Nero. The time line is actually within the events of the film Star Trek (Filmstalker review), so for those of you that, like me, feel there just wasn't enough of the character to justify a strong Star Trek villain, this book could be for you.

Now you can win a copy ever so easily on Filmstalker. Just answer a simple question about Star Trek and you could be chosen to receive a free copy of the graphic novel, it's easy.

Titan Books have been kind enough to donate three copies of the Star Trek: Nero graphic novel to Filmstalker to give away, so many thanks to them. Usually it sells for £9.99 in the UK, although you can buy it for £6.49 on Amazon.co.uk, it's $12 or thereabouts on Amazon.com.

The blurb is short, and enticing enough that it explains more about the villain of the film, the part I felt was sorely lacking in Star Trek (Filmstalker review).

Set within the events of the hit film, this exclusive story follows the villainous Nero as he seeks to destroy the Federation. Don't miss this essential chapter in the rebirth of Star Trek!

So you want to win a copy of Star Trek: Nero? Simple. Just make sure you have a UK postal address and answer this question through the link below.

In the film Star Trek, who plays the character of Nero?

Simple, see I told you. Just select the link below to open up an email, add the answer and your postal address into the email, and send it off.

The competition is open from now until midnight GMT on the 19th of April, and remember you need a UK address, and you must answer through the following link.

Competition Closed

Good luck!



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