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Deep Water trailer online

DeepWater.jpgI've finally seen the trailer and teaser for Deep Water, a film from the producer behind the excellent documentary Touching the Void made back in 2006. Deep Water is about a documentary about the first solo, non-stop, around the world boat race, the effect it had on its competitors, and the man who tried to fake the race rather than complete it.

Effectively the British man, who was far from a round the world sailor, was intending to head off with the rest of the pack, sail over the horizon, and wait for the rest of the race to sail around the world before turning back and rejoining them to race back to Britain and the finish line.

However the journey wasn't that easy, and nine months alone on the seas for someone who had never competed in such a race proved a terrible journey.

The teaser and the trailer for Deep Water really do bring together the weight of what the film is to portray, and the weight of consequence that the British sailor may well have to face, but at the same time keeping his fate unknown.

Two pretty good trailers for a documentary, and one that's going to be well worth watching. I can't believe it's taken this long for me to notice them, and the film, and that's despite a release in the UK in December 2006.





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