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Earth Made of Glass trailer online

RwandanPresidentKagame.jpgI'm rather passionate about some world events and how the world is complicit in them by ignoring and hiding them politically, the events of the Rwandan genocide is one of them, and the story of the political manoeuvring and avoidance by so many countries, including America and the UK, is not just embarrassing but criminal.

However that's the bigger picture, and films and books that address the smaller, more personal issues are the ones that really draw you into the human impact and scale of the events, and Earth Made of Glass is one such film, a film that manages to focus on a man and his families story, and the story of the closest aide of Rwandan President Paul Kagame.

The story begins with Rose Kabuye arrested in France on charges of terrorism, the closest aide to the President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame. Meanwhile the film follows the story of Jean Pierre, a genocide survivor who is travelling across the country trying to find clues to his father's murder some fifteen years ago.

Earth Made of Glass looks at these two stories and the comparisons in them, as the President considers whether to take revenge against the country that has accused his aide of crimes, and what choice Kabuye should make when he comes close to finding out what happened to his father during the genocide.

Here's the trailer:



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