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Enter the Void, another dodgy trailer

EntertheVoid.jpgI haven't been following Gaspar Noé's Enter The Void film that closely, but I have heard some very unusual things, and the previous trailers and clips have been intriguing me greatly.

The film follows a small scale drug dealer who arrives in Tokyo with his sister who is a stripper. One night he's murdered, but is determined to keep his promise of watching over his girlfriend, this he does as his spirit stays in the land of the living, but at the same time he struggles with ever increasing visions.

The new French trailer has the most cohesive look at the film so far, but it still leaves a hell of a lot to the imagination.

Here's the, definitely not safe for work viewing, trailer through The Playlist:

To keep going on the feel of the film and give you some more insight, here's a previous teaser for Enter the Void, again not safe for work.

Here's another trailer, the Japanese one, which will give you more of an idea of what to expect, more not safe-ness going on.

Enter the Void looks like it's a film to watch out for, and one that's going to seriously mess with your mind as well as your eyes! What do you think? It's definitely intriguing, but is there going to be more substance to it?



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