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Gatchaman trailer discovered, film lost?

BattleofthePlanets.jpgI totally missed this trailer coming out, although I had a teaser from some time ago, it wasn't the best quality and really didn't show much of the action. This trailer does.

If you don't know what Gatchaman was, then perhaps if I said Battle of the Planets you might catch on. Yes it's that great cartoon series that's been turned into a CGI animated film, and the trailer really does give the feeling of what the film is going to offer, and it all looks to be there, except for the word “transmute”.

However, and this is more news that escaped me, this trailer was out before the director and writer left the project due to creative differences, and with the studio in liquidation, there's probably no chance of seeing the film in its entirety, unless it gets sold to a studio who want to complete it. After all there are some game crossover and merchandising opportunities that could be exploited. Maybe there's still some life in it?

It seems everyone missed the trailer, but Twitch through Latino Review got a hold of it and I've attached it below. See what you think.

Kevin Munroe was directing Gatchaman before he and the writer left the project and shortly after the studio fell into financial trouble. I wonder though, could the film be sold and picked up so easily? Would there be a market for it?



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