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Get Low trailer online

GetLow.jpgGet Low is a film starring Robert Duvall as a a hermit who arrives at a funeral home and asks them to arrange his wake, a wake where people would arrive and talk about him, tell their stories of him, before he tells his own story, allowing him the peace to die.

It's an interesting idea and is supposedly based on some old fables of something that really happened back in the thirties. It also stars Bill Murray, Lucas Black and Sissy Spacek, and it actually looks rather good.

What I like is that there's comedy, but it doesn't overpower it, and there's drama and human emotion in about equal parts, but the best part is that promise of something a little more to the story when we're told that he's going to tell his story.

I do suspect it might tug at the heartstrings a little too much, but it has some fine actors in it and it's setting itself up well by the trailer.

Here's the trailer for Get Low through The Playlist.



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