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Grint as Eddie the Eagle?

EddieTheEagleEdwards.jpgIn August 2007 we heard that there was going to be a film about Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards, and back then the word was that Steve Coogan was set to play the big name of the film.

However, and bear in mind I have no idea how the name made it to the film nor if it's anything more than a rumour, but there's certain Harry Potter star associated with character.

First up, let me just say where this comes from, the IMDB page for the film has the name of the actor assigned to the film, and we all know how easy it is for IMDB to carry wild rumours and incorrect information, but then again, we also know that we've seen a number of early reveals from the site. You take the good with the bad.

So the actor that is assigned to Eddie the Eagle, as per IMDB anyway, is Rupert Grint.

You know what? Having seen the real character of Eddie “the Eagle” Edwards compete, I don't think Grint is too far off playing the man., perhaps though the younger character, and that's where Steve Coogan could step in and play the older character.

However the IMDB page isn't showing Coogan as cast, and yet that was revealed way back when the story came out originally, so has something happened? Have they swapped actors since? That's what it looks like.

Declan Lowney is directing the film from a script by Sean Macaulay and Simon Kelton, and it will tell the story of a British man who decided to enter the Olympics and compete as a ski jumper, all as an amateur. He came last, of course, but his spirit and attitude inspired Britain and he became a bit of a national hero.

As Steve Coogan said at the time of the film:

“His story is a very British story, and he is a very British kind of hero,...When I read the story, I found it funny but, more surprisingly, quite moving. Quirky, dysfunctional, slightly nerdy, but his balls must be made of titanium.”

So is Rupert Grint set to play the character? Has he taken over from Steve Coogan or is it just wild rumour?



Not a rumour, Rupert's publicity team is making final negotiations for this role. Coogan is out completely.

Superb news, thanks for that Jo. So is the talk that he's going to play Eddie all the way through the film?

Yes, Rupert is going to play Eddie for the whole film, which is about his journey he took to get to the Winter Games.


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