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Hamill's The Black Pearl a reality

TheBlackPearl.jpgJust the other day I was talking about Mark Hamill and his comic book he co-wrote way back in 1996 called The Black Pearl. It was the story of a man caught up in events and pushed into being a hero by the media around him. Apparently it started off a screenplay and it was always Hamill's desire to make it into a film.

Despite talking about it all this time it had never made it. Then, just the other day while talking it up again, he revealed that it may actually be happening, there were writers and a possible reveal at Cannes. It sounded like more talk, until today.

I've been saying that Mark Hamill has been going on about this film project for a very long time and suggested it might never happen, well I think I'm wrong, considering the story that came out today. This may be more than talk, and we might actually be seeing The Black Pearl move into production very soon, and here's why.

Variety are reporting that a new independent production, finance and sales company has launched in the UK called Berkeley Square Films. Nothing too exciting about that, well it was created by a group of people, one of whom is Paul Tamasy, a writer on The Fighter film.

Okay that's the first connection with the original story, you'll remember he was talking about how two of the writers on a David O. Russell film were getting loads of recognition just now and had written the script for the film treatment of The Black Pearl. I'd looked through the films and guessed that he was talking about The Fighter, appears I was right on that score.

The second connection? Mark Hamill himself is on the board of directors and will have...

”...substantial creative involvement in the company's slate, which will be announced at the Cannes Film Festival next month.”

Okay, that's a big one. Now he's got creative influence at a film production, financing and sales company, and one of the writers on The Fighter is running it? That's got to be it, surely?

Now here's the clincher, and all this supposition goes out the window when you read this quote:

Hamill is currently directing an adaptation of his comic book, "The Black Pearl," which could be one of the pics on the BSF slate.

Apparently the company's slate of films will be announced at Cannes next month. That has to mean they're making his Black Pearl film, doesn't it?



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