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He-Man and the Masters of the Universe starts again?

He-Man.jpgI do find it hard to believe that anyone is trying to restart He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, after all it's been attempted a couple of times and it hasn't worked, and by the very nature of the cartoon and the product, it just doesn't directly transfer to film, and yet that's what Mattel want to happen.

The cartoon was campy, the storyline running a fine line between an over the top story with too many ideas and, well, just a range of toys. How can a film work from that?

Well apparently the two men behind the Predators script think they're the next names to try and give it a go as they have been brought in to attempt the re-write, or complete brand new write probably.

According to the The Hollywood Reporter Heat Vision Columbia have brought in Mike Finch and Alex Litvak, the two writers who created the script that is currently being filmed for the hoped Predator return to glory and reboot, and the plan is to have another attempt at bringing the Masters of the Universe to life.

Problem is that this has been attempted a number of times already, but they may have something up their sleeves we're told, as their pitch tried to strike a balance between what the studio wanted and what the toy company wanted, and since both have a hand in the film then it would seem the only way forward considering the failures so far, a compromise on both sides.

Still, even with a compromise, even with the two parties agreeing on a script, I still don't see it working on the big screen as anything other than a G.I. Joe type film at best.

I can't see it happening, can you?



My friend Rich, I think this is very do-able. Firstly there are many He-Man comics which bring a much more mature approach to Eternia and the masters of it. Using those as source material would definitely be positive. In fact the last run of He-Man toys/statues where very modern and almost Spawn-esc.

They could also go the direction of GI-Joe, which I will argue was a much more accurate interpretation to the cartoons then Transformers was. G.I - Joe was campy but so was the cartoon and therefore I really enjoyed the movie for staying true to the source material.

You could go both ways with He-Man and I think it could be a winner.

Hey Brad. The only He-Man I really know is the cartoon and the first film, and I really don't like either.

So it's good news to hear they've taken it in a much more modern direction. I'd really like to see that in the film version rather than recreating the cartoon.


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