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Hilarious Wild Target trailer online

EmilyBlunt.jpgNow here's a great trailer, Wild Target, a trailer that genuinely had me laughing out loud on the train, and these days I find comedy is so hit and miss and can so often rely on age old gags that just don't seem to work.

However in this trailer the comedy was coming thick and fast, the timing looked great, and the characters really did work well together. Of course it's a trailer and it can be cut any way, but considering the strength of some (many?) Hollywood comedies that come out, the power of this trailer should be enough to buy a ticket from.

The film is a British comedy starring names such as Bill Nighy, Emily Blunt, Rupert Grint, Rupert Everett and Martin Freeman, and it has shades of some great British classic comedies through it, if you watch it you might see some glimmers of recognition as certain scenes pass by.

I can think of three films that popped into my head as I was watching the trailer. You know what though, there's a difference between homage and copy, and this is certainly not looking as though it's copying but indeed is stepping it's own ground.

Wild Target seems Bill Nighy playing a hit-man sent to kill Emily Blunt, a con-woman who has just conned a very powerful man, played by Rupert Everett. However on his last job he decides to protect her instead of kill her, and in the process the pair acquire a hanger-on in the form of Rupert Grint, a young man who takes a shine to Nighy and fancies himself as his apprentice. Yet the conned man won't give up, and he's sent another assassin to kill the group, enter Martin Freeman.

Before long it's mayhem, and it looks great. Here's the trailer through Twitch.

It's directed by Jonathan Lynn who has previously directed The Fighting Temptations, The Whole Nine Yards, Sgt. Bilko, My Cousin Vinny, Nuns on the Run and Clue, so there are some strong comedies in there. Lucinda Coxon wrote the screenplay, and she has a short and mixed bag of a career, with her next script being The Danish Girl by Lasse Hallström, which is set to star Nicole Kidman.

Interesting talent behind the screen, but it's the talent in front of the screen that has me captured.



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