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I Am in Love trailer online

IAmInLove.jpgThe trailer for I Am in Love follows on the same vein from the trailer I just posted for Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky, filled with emotion, gorgeous visuals, and telling almost everything without the need for dialogue.

It's a hell of a tribute to the actress Tilda Swinton whom I think is an amazing actress and who is also a bit of a chameleon in her performances.

Here's the very short IMDB write up for the plot of I Am in Love, or Io sono l'amore:

A tragic love story set at the turn of the millennium in Milan. The film follows the fall of the haute bourgeoisie due to the forces of passion and unconditional love.

To give us more, here's the write up from Apple Trailers who host the high definition trailer:

I AM LOVE tells the story of the wealthy Recchi family, whose lives are undergoing sweeping changes.

Eduardo Sr., the family patriarch, has decided to name a successor to the reigns of his massive industrial company, surprising everyone by splitting power between his son Tancredi, and grandson Edo. But Edo dreams of opening a restaurant with his friend Antonio, a handsome and talented chef.

At the heart of the family is Tancredi's wife Emma (Tilda Swinton), a Russian immigrant who has adopted the culture of Milan. An adoring and attentive mother, her existence is shocked to the core when she falls quickly and deeply in love with Edo's friend and partner Antonio, and embarks on a passionate love affair that will change her family forever.

It's co-written and directed by Luca Guadagnino, and has been getting some great right ups, and if it was just the trailer to go by then I'm sure you'd be as intrigued as I am at what the story will offer.



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