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Iron Man 2 IMAX trailer online

IronMan2.jpgThere's an IMAX trailer online for Iron Man 2, well when I say it's an IMAX trailer, it's a normal trailer to try and sell the film on IMAX with the words IMAX on the end, there's nothing IMAX-ish about the trailer really.

However what it does do is give us a few more scenes to enjoy, as well a brief one of Black Widow in operation.

I'm looking forward to Iron Man 2, but I don't think this trailer really does it justice, nor does it really deliver anything new. We've seen it all before, apart from a couple of action scenes, but we know the film's going to be packed with them, so I'm not sure what it really gives us.

Well, at least we get to see a few new scenes. For those of you who are very excited by that, here's the IMAX Iron Man 2 trailer through Coming Soon:



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