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Iron Man 2 post credits ending?

IronMan2.jpgAt the gala/press/ex-première screening of Iron Man 2 (Filmstalker review) which I attended, a small handful of people stayed back to watch the credits in the hope of a post credit scene. Really there were only a few of us come the final title, but the studio logo appeared, the lights went up, the curtain closed, and everyone left groaned. No post credits scene.

Not so it seems, not for the theatrical release anyway. It would appear that there's a post credit scene after all, just no one at the press screenings are getting to see it.

So you know what that means, continue reading this story only if you want the surprise spoiled, and I mean totally spoiled. The ending will then come as no surprise.

There's already a nice reference in the film to Captain America, it's cooly done and had me smiliing when it appeared, and it does leave a lot open as to what the connection from Iron Man to Captain America would be and if it was a good or bad one, remembering that this is post Avengers and SHIELD.

However I was disappointed that there wasn't a post-credits ending, especially when we'd heard so much about what was going to be shown afterwards and which other superheroes were going to be mentioned.

Still with us? Really do want to hear the reveal? This really is your last chance, no joke. If you read on the last scene will be ruined for you totally.

This isn't a joke either, for apparently there is a post-credits scene and it fits in nicely with the storyline of the film, and that makes me think that we really will see it in the cinema on general release.

According to /Film, the final scene builds on from a moment in the film that I did find rather odd. Agent Coulson of SHIELD, who has been tasked to prevent Tony Stark from leaving his house, disappears after receiving his orders, and we see Stark leave, play around a bit and come back only to see Coulson arrive later and say "oh you've been gone, I've got urgent orders to leave, see ya" and then we never see anything more from the character.

Seems a little odd, and it seemed a little odd at the time. Come the post-credits scene we see a black car pull up in the middle of the New Mexico desert. Agent Coulson gets out of the car and walks over to a large crater, looks down into the middle of it where workers are digging out something, and pulls out his mobile.

He calls someone and says:

"Sir, we've found it."

That's when the camera leaps inside the crater and shows the hammer of Thor in the ground. Boom.

Now that would have been nice to see in the Iron Man 2 (Filmstalker review) gala screening, but the post-credits scene wasn't shown to us, or to the press in any of thsse screenings around the world it seems. Oh well. For me that's the only way I can see the ending until it's online or I pay to go and see the film myself.



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