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Kick-Ass French trailer onlilne

HitGirl-KickAss.jpgThere's a new French trailer released for Kick-Ass and it's filled with violence and swearing, bring it on. It looks great fun, and the more I see of the film the more I realise I have to sort out my time management and get into the cinema to see it. This weekend.

Anyway, here's the French trailer, and it's a cracker. What else is there to say about Kick-Ass that you haven't already heard? Kids pretending to be superheroes and actually pulling it off quite well.

According to the MPAA the French must be evil, perverted people, corrupt beyond belief and eating their own children. Why do I say that? Well they have a trailer filled with swearing and violence! Surely it must be true.

Afraid not MPAA, and I would consider comparing levels of crime, corruption and perversion to see if it really is swearing and violence on television and in entertainment or the bare fact that society is a mess, there's too much poverty and just not enough for people to do.

Before I get off that rant, let me just also say that this is not a red band trailer. Why not? Well red band is a term used by the MPAA, that's America. In other countries there are other classifications and other boards of classifications, and judging by the release of this one in France, they have their heads in the real world.

Enough, here's the French trailer for Kick-Ass. Enjoy.



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