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Knight and Day International trailer online

KnightandDay.jpgThere's not much difference between this trailer and the previous one for Knight and Day with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, some subtle differences, actually I think there are no subtle differences, just one big one at the end which says a lot about the difference between America and the rest of the world.

In this trailer, at the end, sex is mentioned. Oh yes. Never mind anything else, but sex corrupts and if no one talks about it, it'll go away.

It's actually another great example of the writing that's coming through in the trailer and just how witty it is. Watching it again allowed me to catch one of the first lines in the diner:

“No one follows us or I kill myself and then her”

I just caught that, and it made me giggle, and I realised that there's much more of these little lines throughout the film, and I rather like the ending, it puts a different spin on their relationship.

Here's the new trailer for Knight and Day that sees a normal woman, played by Cameron Diaz, caught up in something much bigger than her involving a top spy, played by Tom Cruise, on the run from the rest of his agency. He takes over her life, throws her into dangerous situations, and ends up helping her find a new her. Oh and I'm sure on the way the spy and her will fall in love, surely.



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