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Legacy trailer online

IdrisElba.jpgIdris Elba is pretty popular these days as you'll see him in a number of films due to come out, or already there, and a new British television series. Of course if you listen to him on twitter you wouldn't even realise he was an actor. However he is, and a damned good one at that.

That's why I was annoyed when I couldn't make the screening of Legacy at the Glasgow Film Festival this year, and when the trailer ends up intriguing me so much it just ends up rubbing salt in the wound.

Elba plays a black ops soldier Malcolm Gray, whose last mission failed terribly when he was captured and tortured. He's now recuperating in a small apartment when he discovers another mission, to expose a high-powered senator, who is about to announce his presidential candidacy, and the corruption behind him, the only twist is that it's his own brother.

It sounded an interesting thriller when I read the blurb at the time, and it sounds even better now, even with this short teaser trailer to entice you in.

Eamonn Walker plays the brother of Idris Elba's character, so the two leads are both strong actors, making The Legacy a film worth trying to get a look at. See the trailer for a small taster of Legacy:



I haven't checked in here for a while because I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts are good quality so I guess I'll add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it friend :)


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