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Manchester City, the film

ManchesterCity.jpgFootball films are sparse indeed, and the best you could probably hope for is Escape to Victory. Well that looks to be about to change as a film about a year in the life of the Manchester City football club is under way.

The film follows the team through the 2009-2010 season, just after the takeover by Sheikh Mansour. Now while that sounds exciting, there's a little twist in the tail that might dampen the idea of the film.

What I was hoping for was a film following the team, the players and the management, however it turns out that the film is following a group of supporters. Now while that could still make for a good film, the focus is off the team and the film might relegate us to the stands.

The story from Variety doesn't tell us much more and is rather disappointing, especially in the fact that the company behind the film are Endemol, more known for their reality television than their film-making, and an aspect that makes me think even more that this will be about the fans following their club rather than the club itself.

The film is called Blue Moon Rising and is directed by Stewart Sugg who wrote and directed Fast Food starring a younger Gerard Butler and Kiss Kiss (Bang Bang), no not that one, which starred quite a cast including Stellan Skarsgård, Chris Penn and Paul Bettany.

Perhaps this will spur on the money making might of Manchester United to make a film, and maybe they'll take up the challenge of turning the cameras on the team rather than on fans.

As it stands I think Blue Moon Rising isn't pitching itself to be that great, especially not if it's a fan following documentary.



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