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Men in Black 3D gets Smith?

MeninBlack.jpgI am surprised, but sometimes you just have to pay the bills. Rumour is out that Will Smith has signed for the third Men in Black film, and this time it's going to be in 3D.

More than that a script is ready for the film and Tommy Lee Jones has agreed to come back a third time. My, maybe we'll see that third Bad Boys film next? How many bills does Will Smith have to pay?

The reason I am poking fun at it is that the second film wasn't as strong as the first, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones have both moved onto better things, and I don't see anyone crying out for a third Men in Black. Really, the series was covered quite well wasn't it?

Over at Showbiz411 through Latino Review they're busy loving the Hollywood party scene, but in between reeling off the names of all the famous, worthwhile people at the party, they had a chance to grab one of them who revealed a heap of information about the film, Barry Sonnenfeld.

Speaking to them he reportedly said that the third film was on, that it was 3D, Smith had signed, Jones was in, and the script was ready.

Meanwhile there's a rumour going round that there might still be a third Bad Boys, and while I think that's just Martin Lawrence shouting for a well paid job, with Smith doing another Men in Black (if this is true) then I'm sure he wouldn't mind another big pay check for another Bad Boys too. Three.

Are you interested in either? I guess Bad Boys has lots of fun and action and Men in Black has some great humour, but...aren't they done already? Don't we want something new?



Respect to author, some good selective information.


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