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Michael Bay directing Rosemary's Baby?

RosemarysBaby.jpgWe know the remake of Rosemary's Baby has been up and down at Platinum Dunes. While they originally said they should remake it before anyone else does, they then decided they couldn't do it justice some nine months later - funny date that considering.

Now there's a report that it could be back alive and that Michael Bay could well direct the classic horror film.

To be fair I wasn't sure if this was a rumour, a response to an April Fools, or something else when I read the story over at Horror-Movies.ca, but then I sought out the source tweet that the story was talking about and found that Roger Ebert had indeed tweeted the following, and it was clearly marked as the 30th, not the 1st.

However that does mean that Ebert could still be responding to some wild comment thrown his way, but then again.

”Michael Bay is remaking "Rosemary's Baby. O....kay....”

Genuinely, that's what he said on Twitter, so the question is did he really mean it?

Well we know that Platinum Dune are behind all the classic, or soon to be classic, films that are getting remade and we heard the news back in March 2008 that Rosemary's Baby was set for the treatment, so it's not a stretch to believe that Michael Bay could be the one to direct the film. Yet it is.

The classic 1968 Roman Polanski Rosemary's Baby, adapted from the Ira Levin novel, followed Rosemary as she becomes mysteriously pregnant and her paranoia about her and her unborn child's safety grows as does the strange behaviour of her neighbours.

It's a great film, so it's hard to think that Michael Bay could remake it, because to be fair, his films to date have been loud, bold, brash, and while delivering great entertainment, haven't been known for the quiet subtlety.



So if Michael Bay is directing then this means the movie will be chalk full of digital effects and will be lacking any real acting and the tension will not be built through the actors performances...Michael Bay is a hack and lacks talent as a director and relys way too much on special effects, thats why so many movies stink so bad these days, everything is dumbed down to cater to the MTV crowd and sell soundtracks.....I can say with confidence this movie WILL SUCK


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