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Moritz talks Fast Five and Highlander

FastandtheFurious-DodgeCharger.jpgNeal Moritz, the producer of so many films including the Fast and the Furious franchise, has been talking about two of his upcoming films, Fast Five - yes it really is being called that – and the Highlander remake.

There's some interesting reveals about Fast Five, and the worrying question of if it'll be in 3D or not is addressed.

Speaking about the next few Fast and Furious films, starting with Fast Five – what are they going to call the sixth then? - he reveals that the two films will not be shot together, perhaps giving them enough time to find out if the fifth one will still do as well.

“We’re not going to actually shoot them together, but we’re already starting to prepare the 6th one as well. We have an idea of what we want it to be and we’re working on that. We’re not going to shoot them back-to-back but we’re going to hopefully shoot them close together.”

Or maybe the wait will be to see if they can get both Vin Diesel and Paul Walker to sign up for the film, because it seems they aren't contractually obliged to do another film as Neal H. Moritz says:

“Well, contractually committed? No, but we all want to do it.”

Not quite the same as having them all lined up to star in the next film, maybe the stars are waiting to see if it's a success too?

Location wise it's going to be filming in Brazil, Rio, Puerto Rico, Los Angeles and some in Atlanta. Which isn't quite world-wide as the interviewer from Collider states, pan-Americas perhaps, but certainly not world-wide, I don't even understand why Mortiz agrees to that statement.

Mind you he does later state that most of the film is in South America because the characters are on the run, and it's during that comment that he reveals a little of the plot:

”They’re on the run and then something happens and they have to…and there’s going to be a lot of people from the previous Fast and Furious in the movie...the goal is to bring touchstone’s characters from each of the movies back.”

For the final reveal on Fast Five Moritz reveals some killer information, and depending what your view is of 3D and 3D conversions:

”Fast and Furious will be a very hard movie to shoot in 3D because of the way we do the car stuff and because the movie has such quick cuts. So we have had many discussions about it. I don’t think we’ll actually shoot in 3D but there’s a good chance the movie will be in 3D.”

Oh dear me, they'll film Fast Five in 2D because they can't film it in 3D for all the effects and fast cuts they use, and then afterwards convert it. That's not a good sign for me, if the film can't be filmed in 3D because of all the fast cuts then how is it going to look in converted 3D? How are we going to keep up with it and manage to focus in on and take each scene in if it's so fast cut they can't even film it in 3D?

Then Moritz starts talking about that Highlander remake and he says that chances are Justin Lin is going to be remaking the film and that they are going to be true to the core of the Highlander series and that it will be for fans and non-fans alike.

This is going to be an origin story, with all the Highlander mythology that's been there before and Moritz is keen to call it a reboot more than anything else.

There's not much else on the Highlander front, but I do find it a little surprising that they'll be looking to Lin to film it. This suggests a much more action orientated feel to the film than perhaps Highlander fans would be expected. Of course it would be something completely different for the franchise.



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