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New Salt trailer online in HD

Salt.jpgThere's a new trailer for Salt online, and while some are saying it's generic, nothing but action, etc. I'd disagree, I think there are some very strong aspects to the trailer that deliver tension and suspense, setting up what could be a clever action thriller bringing together the ideas of Bourne and No Way Out.

That's what I'm getting from this trailer, and I think it looks much better than the previous one. Ridicule it all you want, but this is looking really good.

Angelina Jolie is looking great in the Phillip Noyce directed Salt, and she's joined by the strong support of Liev Schreiber and Chiwetel Ejiofor, a great line up.

There are some nice subtitles in the trailer, the fact that Ejiofor's character isn't simply for or against her, typical Hollywood convention would have him hating her and wanting to bring her down, but there's a more realistic and job-like attitude that turns around later, suggesting that he's coming round to believing her.

Then there's the feeling that the trailer may not even be portraying Salt as the person she really is, and that there could well be a double bluff going on here. I really hope though they haven't given away too much.

Here's the embedded trailer from Apple Trailers also in high definition.



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