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Ozzy Osbourne biographical film?

OzzyOsbourne.jpgIs there really going to be a biographical film of Ozzy Osbourne? One would think that the very business focussed family would be very keen to get a film made now while they can enjoy the money rather than leaving it and seeing the usual situation of projects popping up after the star's death, as it happens all too often.

It's been talked about for a very long time, but it looks like it could be moving forward, if the media-savvy Sharon Osbourne is to be believed, for she says that there's about to be a big announcement.

Speaking about the film she revealed:

”There's about to be a big announcement. It's been picked up and it's going into production. We're going to make a press announcement hopefully within the next two weeks. [There's no cast] yet, but we have a producer and we have lots of money and we're all starting.”

I'm not surprised that there's lots of money to make the film, through the reality shows for the family and the continual appearances of Sharon Osbourne on television, they are all well known throughout the world, and that's not even considering the real reason that this film would be made, Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne himself.

There's no indication of cast yet, although Sharon did hint that it would be someone completely new.

Of course we've heard about the idea of a film with the man since 2007, yes, really. Back then there was the almost bizarre rumour that Christopher Walken was going to play the slightly mad but legendary rocker in a film of Motley Crüe. It never happened though and fell to the wayside. So now it's Ozzy's turn, but it won't be Walken.

I'm as curious as the story from The Playlist, I wonder just how true this film will really be, and not just to stay away from toning the story down, but also to stop the film from becoming far too over the top, something that could so easily happen.

The truth is somewhere between the safe for television version and the great myths that keep being banded around, and I would really like to see the truth, the real story of Ozzy and Black Sabbath. However I do fear that we'll get a version that plays up to what the Osbournes and the producers believe the audience want to see and hear about, and as a result we'll have a tale of wild abandon that is built from these mythical tales.

Which would you rather see?



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