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Philips short film competition finds sci-fi gems

TheGift.jpgThe director that was to be making the Alien prequel before Ridley Scott decided to return to the film has made a short film to advertise the highly distracting “technology” from Philips of Ambilight. However it wasn't that silly gimmick that the studios got caught up in, it was the cinematic and well edited short film he created which came from a feature film idea he had.

Now the studio want that feature film made, and Carl Erik Rinsch is the man to make it. Here you can see that original short film The Gift.

The Gift tells the story of a man delivering a gift to another man, a gift that it appears only he knows how to activate, and once activated...well, I'll let you watch and find out for it's an intriguing short film filled with possibility and promise.

You can see it right through The Hollywood Reporter Heat Vision and JoBlo:

Interesting short, although from this it's hard to see where the story would go, but a story he apparently has as /Film then reveals that this was actually based on an idea that Carl Erik Rinsch had created on his own and developed into a feature film. This was essentially a way to tease that film, and it worked.

After this hit screens a bidding war began on the property between the major studios and it looks like we'll get to see the full version made a reality.

Is there enough to make you think that a feature film version would be worth it?

There's another one in the series that caught my eye, DarkRoom by Johnny Hardstaff. I love the style of this and the continual forward movement of the camera. Great short.



The first short was gorgeous and I'd love to see it made into a feature though there are some elements that seem to be borrowed from Half-Life 2, mainly the policemen/military's getup.



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