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Piranha 3D trailer arrives

Piranha.jpgWhile I was off racing to see Iron Man 2 (Filmstalker review), I missed a few big stories, and one of them was the release of the Piranha 3D teaser trailer, so nothing that big came out then?

Well watching the teaser you'll see that there are a few big names, we get to see a good few of them, plus we're shown that there are going to be plenty of six packs and bikinis, and plenty of teeth.

Not human ones though, the evil fish type ones with gnashing teeth and a pack desire to eat. Piranha may seem the least likeliest place to find Richard Dreyfuss, Elisabeth Shue, Christopher Lloyd, Eli Roth, Ving Rhames, Dina Meyer and Jerry O'Connell...maybe not Kelly Brook, but they're all here for Alexandre Aja's horror remake.

Piranha 3D tells the story of Lake Victoria, a haven for spring break - that's where all the college kids go on holiday, get wasted a lot and sometimes get naked and do rude things together - and how it experiences a tremor that opens up something underground and releases prehistoric piranha, bigger, nastier and hungrier than have ever been seen before.

The people of the nearby town, led by Shue's Sheriff character, must save everyone before it's too late. Actually it might already be too late. The film's been made.

I don't know, I saw someone mention that this might mark the end of Shue's career, but more worrying for me is that this can't be the last film Dreyfuss makes, please. Ah, thankfully it's not, he has four films after this so far.



Really puts me in the mood... to watch Jaws.

Yeah, something with quality and that Drefuss was great in?


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