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Resident Evil: Afterlife trailer online

ResidentEvilExtinction.jpgThe trailer for Resident Evil: Afterlife has arrived, the fourth film in the franchise which will see more zombies, more Milla Jovovich, and all in 3D too, although thankfully not for the trailer.

It plays heavily on the fact that it's 3D and uses the James Cameron/Vincent Pace fusion camera system, and that loads of things will be flying at the camera. Wooo!

How much was my mind taken off of the film by everything flying towards me? Tons, and that's what I hate about people building films for 3D rather than using it as another aspect of a film, they get lost in that rather than the story and they keep going “look audience, we have 3D, see what it looks like”, after the third or fourth time it's boring and gets in the way of the film.

Mind you Resident Evil: Afterlife does look rather slick aside from that. Some great creatures, the effects might be a little better but are ambitious, Milla Jovovich looks superb as always and is backed by Ali Larter, and there's swan off shotguns, samurai swords and some very Matrix style effects.

See what you think, but the only thing standing between me and the film is that 3D led desire to throw everything at me.



I love Milla Jovovich, I'll go see this just for her !!!


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