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Ring 3 in 3D?

RinguWell.jpgI had thought that the Ring series had ended, and that there were going to be no more of the English series version of the Japanese horror films, however that doesn't seem to be the case as there's an announcement out about another Ring film, and surprise surprise, it's going to be in 3D. Who'd have thought?

Actually though, I wonder if seeing the videotape in 3D would actually add something to the film, and watching those scenes in 3D knowing it's the videotape that killed everyone else, wouldn't that add something to it?

Paramount has begun getting the film moving, although there's no director assigned as yet. I don't think the original Japanese Ringu, it's sequel Ringu 2 and English language remake sequel The Ring Two director Hideo Nakata would be interested in making an English language Ring in 3D, nor would the Hollywood The Ring director Gore Verbinski, would they?

Apparently though they already have a name, according to The Hollywood Reporter Heat Vision, and it's imaginatively called…Ring 3D. You see it's the Ring series and it's the third one, and it's in 3D, get it? Need me to explain it again? Of course not, it's self explanatory.

It also has a writer, David Loucka who previously wrote The Dream Team, a film I remember watching with a friend on its weekend release back in 1989 and we were the only two in the cinema, I do remember having a few chuckles though.

He doesn't have a string of films behind him that match the idea of the Ring series, or even horror, but he has written a thriller for DreamWorks called Dream House. Doesn't sound ideal, but then I'm not sure if a third Ring film sounds ideal, even if the attractive idea of that videotape playing out in 3D does.

Oh, and then there's the other news that kills it for me. While the previous films were more adult and held a more thriller aspect to the horror, this film already looks set to be different. The article claims that this third film is going to be, and here are words that might scare you more than sequel, remake or even 3D, teenager focused.

Apparently they'll refashion the story to focus on teenagers finding the video that after watching, will kill you in twenty-four hours unless you make someone else watch it, in which case the curse is passed onto them.

Well if they're going for the teenager aspect then the idea of videotape is out the window. Will it be mobile phones or online video? Either way it's a bad idea, a sequel we don't need, changing it for teenagers and no doubt toning down the psychological horror aspect to get a nice PG-13 rating, and turning it into 3D. I can hear the boxes being ticked as I write.

As for a director, well despite Nakata being listed as directing for some time now, I seriously doubt that will happen, the same for Verbinski. So a new, first time director?



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