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Rock returns to Dwayne Johnson

DwayneJohnson.jpgThere seems to be a typical cycle in an action star's career, and at some point you turn to the kids films where you'll make at least one looking after a baby and some older kids, Arnie did it, Vin did it, Chan did it, Stallone decided to look after an OAP instead, but it was the same idea, they all do it, except Statham.

Dwayne Johnson did his fair share too. In fact he's marred a perfectly good career by doing exactly what so many other big names before him did and failed, and what happened? He failed. Now though, it looks like he's back to the action.

He's set to replace Clive Owen on a film called Protection, the film that we heard was going to see Paul Walker in the lead Simon West directing, soon turned to Patrick Alessandrin directing and Owen leading. Now it looks like there's been a change again, and again of director.

Clive Owen is being replaced by a real bad-ass, cuddly, fun figure, Dwayne Johnson...Oh, I mean the bad-ass The Rock, and the director Alessandrin has left the project. I wonder who's next to take it on?

The Wrap through Latino Review have the story and the plot of the film, which sees a disgraced former Special Forces soldier taking on a Mexican cartel in order to try and rescue a judge's twenty-one year old daughter who have been targeted. She's about to testify against one of its members after she witnessed the murder of her father at his hands, however the cartel have other plans and are going to kill her before she can appear in court. Cue Rock.

No word on the director replacement though. Let's hope that the Rock stays with his current return to action and doesn't return to the kids too quickly.



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