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Sex and the City 2 trailer online

SexandtheCity2.jpgWell the trailer for Sex and the City 2 has arrived online and it's revealing everything we know about the film to date. The girls head off to Abu Dhabi, which amazingly looks a lot like Morocco, for a holiday and leave their new lives behind, lives of babies, barren sex lives, struggling to stay young, and marriage, although not all of them are sharing the same problems.

On holiday though, they all disappear as they come back together as friends, and on their adventure a different life is on offer, particularly for Carrie, as she meets someone from her past, and that's where the trailer throws up the Big question yet again.

I like the trailer for Sex and the City 2, surprisingly. Although I'm rather tired of the idea of continually revisiting the storyline of Sex and the City and nothing really new being added in the mix, all the characters are here and the trailer is suggesting that they are tackling new life experiences, even if we have seen them already in the series.

The characters are still the same, there's some excellent dialogue in there to make you laugh, and all as usual for the wonderful Samantha, and the gorgeous ladies themselves.

Not to mention Big and one flame from the past.

Here's the trailer.



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