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Shrek Forever After IMAX trailers reveal story

ShrekForeverAfter.jpgWell we know what the story was on paper, or rather screen, but now seeing the two new trailers for the IMAX release of the film we get to understand the plot much better and get introduced to the original and new characters alike.

There's the IMAX trailer for the U.S. and the International IMAX trailer, and both give somewhat different views of the film. Well worth watching, and actually make me think that Shrek Forever After might just actually be seeing.

I also know that I'm saying that about a 3D film, but watching the recent How to Train Your Dragon (Filmstalker review) from DreamWorks has made in 3D actually turned me around a little. There was still nothing that would make me want to see the 3D over the 2D - my nephews decided it was the 3D we were to see - but it didn't overplay the 3D aspect and throw everything at the camera, and I have to say that that these Shrek trailers give me the same feeling.

Plus the story looks pretty good. Originally I thought the idea of heading back to the start of the story was a bit of a cop out, but explained in the first trailer it actually makes sense and looks like it could give for a good story.

Shrek is bored with having everything he has in life and misses what he once had, the simple life, just like we all do in life, the grass (or the swamp) is always greener type thing. So when he gets it he has to fight to get back what he once had and realises that he used to love.

That I really like. Here are the two trailers for Shrek Forever After:

Looks good doesn't it? Definitely a lot better than I first thought it would be.



Looks a lot better than the awful and almost unfunny third film. The trailer made me giggle out loud. The spirit looks there from the previous films and the laughs look promising. I will see this for sure, but I'm glad it's the last.


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