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Solitary Man trailer online

MichaelDouglas.jpgMichael Douglas is a movie star, you know what I mean, one of those iconic stars that just controls the screen by being on it, but his later career is littered with as much failure as success. That's why I like it when you get to see him acting, and that's what Solitary Man looks like it will give us.

He plays a man who once had everything he wanted, but his marriage and career were destroyed by some very poor business deals and romantic liaisons. Now he's going through something of a late mid-life crisis, clambering hold of everything and anything that will keep him from accepting what's happening to him. Life.

The trailer for Solitary Man looks rather good. It does seem a little on the light and cheesy side, but there are moments in it which promise something a little more dark, a little more real, and there are plenty moments for Michael Douglas to show off his talent.

It's not just him in the film either, there's Susan Sarandon, Danny Devito, Mary-Louise Parker, Jenna Fischer and Jesse Eisenberg, an interesting looking cast indeed.

The trailer plays out below, and you can also see it over at Yahoo Movies in high definition, but my concern is that the film ends up becoming a little too light, and a little too Hollywood. What do you think?



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