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Star Wars VI remade by fans

StarWarsUncut.jpgRemember the craze that came out of the Michael Gondry film Be Kind Rewind (Filmstalker review) for remaking scenes from famous films with no budget and home-made sets and props? Well that's been taken to the extreme with the first film remade using fifteen second scenes filmed by fans from all over the world.

The film? Star Wars IV: A New Hope, yes that's the original and best one, but now with fan made material for the entire length, and there's a trailer online.

Star Wars Uncut has allowed fans to remake fifteen second sequences of the original Star Wars film in any way they like, and the makers of the film have then pulled together the best, or the funniest, and created one big film.

More than a trailer, this is an entire sequence showing the incredible range of styles, props, people, and...animals. Some of them are genius, some hilarious, and some...are...rather concerning me. The hot tub Jedi scene is genius.

Here's the clip that runs for four and a half minutes courtesy of the superb RowThree:

What confuses me a little about the whole trailer is that end section, are we actually going to see real footage from the film cut around, or are all the scenes going to play out to the actual soundtrack of Star Wars? I'm not entirely sure.

Apparently the film is going to be shown in Copenhagen on April 15th, in it's entirety, and it will then be available online and in DVD format.

I've just checked the official site for Star Wars Uncut and the rules say:

I'm planning to overlay the original soundtrack across the final version of the movie, therefore I'd prefer no music in it to make it easier on me. If you're creating your own audio, please do not add the Star Wars soundtrack on top of it or your scene will be removed. There are a few exceptions: 1) You're allowed to use the original audio. 2) Singing is allowed

I think that means the audio would leap about. Personally I'd love to see it all playing to the original audio, but it's not my project. Either way this looks superb.

I would suggest checking out the Star Wars Uncut site because it allows you to see all the original fifteen second scenes, select them, and see the currently submitted user scenes for each original scene, watch them, and rate them to help select which scene will replace the original in the final Star Wars Uncut.



VI = 6 = Return of the Jedi.
IV = 4 = A New Hope, i.e. the film that was titled simply "Star Wars" when it was released in 1977.

That took a while for someone to notice!


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