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Statham, Rourke and Bardem in Tony Scott film

JasonStatham.jpgJason Statham has long been assigned to the smaller action film, although he's made a fair impact and played some great roles in some superbly exciting films, he's not really thought of much outside those realms, but this could be the year that finally sees him step up from all that.

He's set to appear in another film with Mickey Rourke, this time with Javier Bardem in a Tony Scott film called Potzdamer Platz.

The film sees two men who are part of a New Jersey crime family trying to expand internationally, there's not much else known about the film apart from it's been on Tony Scott's directing slate for some time, and that means action and explosions, something that Jason Statham is very familiar with. The story comes from Deadline Hollywood Daily through The Playlist.

However it does mark a big step up for him, something that has been happening a lot this year with the Hollywood remake of 13 and the action and star packed film The Expendables. While there are still a few smaller action films on his upcoming slate, these films are suggesting something a little more, particularly 13.

What I liked about The Expendables trailer was that it suggested Statham was going to be playing a major part, not just one of the team, and from a few previous films we've seen that Statham can actually act, something that often gets hidden in amongst the fighting and explosions, I'm thinking The Bank Job (Filmstalker review) for one.

So again we're seeing him taken on by a big Hollywood director and joining a great cast, and I wonder if this is finally showing that he's getting lifted up from the level of films he's been doing to something a lot bigger. Sure they still have action in them, but it's a step up for the man, and one I think he deserves.



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