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Sutherland reveals huge changes in 24 films

24_Poster.jpgKiefer Sutherland has been talking about that much touted 24 film again, and he's confirmed that everything that was the television show will be gone, after all you can't do a real time day in two hours.

He also revealed more about the potential film, and he's talking about huge changes from the series, changes which would divorce itself further from the television show.

The last we heard was that the television show was ending, and the only one actually talking about a film at that point was Kiefer Sutherland himself, nobody else was, they were just talking about the end of the series.

It's just a small thing, but it did strike me as odd. Once the announcement was made about the series ending you would have thought they would have been straight onto starting to sell the idea of the film to the audience that are suddenly realising they won't have any Jack Bauer ever again.

I thought it was strange. Now we're hearing Kiefer Sutherland talk more about the film, and he told Total Film something that might perk up everyone's ears. He talked about films, as in more than one.

Mind you, the words they have in the article are that the end of the series has “paved the way for the 24 films”. Tenuous again, just a little, but there's a definite hint of something more than just one film.

He went on to tell then that the script was already written and will take place outside of America, another suggestion that perhaps it's not something that's just extending on from the end of the series.

“The film will be a two-hour representation of a 24-hour day...so all of a sudden, the restrictions of the real-time aspect are lifted. Which is huge.”

Okay, so he's only saying one film there. However he's basically saying that the 24 film would say good bye to any thought of the real time in order for it to become the Jack Bauer show.

“To put it in context, in the series, every crisis had to come to us, because we couldn’t move. Who wants to see Jack Bauer sit on a plane for four hours?...

...But in the format of the film, it will be very feasible to go from Eastern Europe to London in the space of 24 hours, so all of a sudden there is so much more latitude. The skies have opened up!”

What is 24 without the real time? Bourne with Bauer? Actually I don't think that's such a bad thing do you?



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