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The Darkest Hour Russia's alien invasion film

TimurBekmambetov.jpgI do love how Timur Bekmambetov has managed to join East and West through the power of cinema, okay it's quite a stretch, but he has been quite the success in Hollywood since his Night Watch and Day Watch films appeared. Now he's returning to Russia and taking some Hollywood with him.

He's only producing, although he's fairly growing in that area, but that does mean a lot when you're talking about a Bekmambetov production, for like so many directors who have a unique vision for their films, he really does get into the thick of the production.

With The Darkest Hour he has Chris Gorak directing a story about a group of Americans travelling in Moscow when an alien invasion occurs around them. Survivors band together and try and fight off the attack, and casting has already begun.

A few days ago we heard through The Hollywood Reporter Heat Vision that Oliva Thirlby was joining the film playing a girl with a trust fund who survives the attack and teams up with a group of people fighting back.

Today we hear from Variety that Emile Hirsch has joined the film and taken the leading role, although they don't tell us anything more about the role or the film.

It does sound an interesting story though, and even more interesting is the fact that we're seeing such a bonding of the Russian and American film industries, would that be Russianwood? Or Russywood?

There's certainly a connection, Russian films of late have been treading the same ground as the Watch series, and before then production values on films were on the up and up for some time in Russia.

I wonder though, how different is this going to be from the Hollywood films of alien invasions? What's going to be so different other than the location and the language?



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