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The Human Centipede trailer online

TheHumanCentipede.jpgWow, if ever there was a horror film trailer to disturb and upset the stomach, this is it. I can hardly imagine watching the film, the diagrams of the mad scientist are enough.

The trailer starts off like many others, the two lost girls in the middle of nowhere in a foreign country, stumble into the wrong home, and suddenly they are part of a bizarre experiment.

I think what I love the most about this trailer though are the end credits. Those final words:

"100% medically accurate"

Problem is I don't want to think about it nor watch it again so close to my breakfast, I fear I may vomit.

Here's an excerpt of the blurb to give you a "taste" of The Human Centipede before you venture to the trailer.

"...a deranged retired surgeon who explains his mad scientific vision to his captives' utter horror. They are to be the subjects of his sick lifetime fantasy: to be the first to connect people, one to the next, via their gastric system, and in doing so bring to life the human centipede."

The worst thing is that the film is actually called The Human Centipede (First Sequence), and The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) is due this year. You can only imagine what that means.

Oh dear me. I can feel my stomach churning and I really do have to stop writing this and just move onto something else fast!



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