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The new A-Team trailer online in HD

TheATeam.jpgTheA-Team.jpgOh my freaking lord! I a loving the new A-Team trailer so much I watched it twice and had a huge smile on my face throughout, especially when B.A. Starts that whistle and the set piece kicks in with huge action, or the cool one liners from everyone, particularly the end joke. Man this looks like fun.

I know I ridiculed the previous trailer for the insane stunt with the tank, parachute and the jet, but it looks like the whole film is going to be filled with them, Mission: Impossible eat your heart out.

What's great about the trailer is that the actors look like they're having so much fun and the pace is relentless. The timing and editing for the whole trailer is impeccable and I don't think I can come up with any more superlatives without gushing and drooling all over the feet of cast, writer, editor and director.

I am loving this A-Team trailer. Get your teeth into this one as soon as possible, now in fact, either below or over at Apple Trailers in high definition.

These guys are looking good, but I think my hat goes off to Sharlto Copley who is just perfect in his two short moments, and coming a close second is Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson who's lines are fantastic. That's not to ignore the superb looking Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper, in the team, chased by Jessica Biel, Patrick Wilson.

Role on July for that's when Joe Carnahan's The A-Team is going to close the first every film post I made online, a reveal about The A-Team film being made back in.



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