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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse trailer online

TwilightEclipse.jpgFinally, to a non Twilight fan the Twilight saga has some bite, and with it the suggestion of some real darkness. This trailer sees the werewolves and the vampires teaming up to fight an army of vampires being raised against them, for some reason yet to be revealed in the trailer.

What The Twilight Saga: Eclipse also brings is a lot more believable CGI, or perhaps they are just hidden more in this film, but compared to The Twilight Saga: New Moon the wolves look a lot more realistic, and lo, no topless men in tight ripped shorts hanging around post-workout.

Now if only the series had started out like this then it would have hooked me from the beginning, still, there's lot's to see yet before the film arrives and I'd definitely like to see another trailer or two to flesh out the story and let us know if it is going to be as dark and as hard as this trailer suggests.

Here's the The Twilight Saga: Eclipse trailer, what do you think of it?



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