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The Wall trailer and extended trailer online

TheWall.jpgThere are two trailers online for The Wall, a film that looks at the seven hundred mile fence proposed for the border between the U.S. and Mexico in 2006 to try and stop the migration of people into the U.S. and the act behind the building of the fence, from the politicians view to the view of the people on the border.

The two trailers present a very different focus to the film, but for me the most powerful and poignant is the extended trailer. You might ask why considering I'm from Scotland, well there's a view that's represented there that crosses the Atlantic.

During the extended trailer the owner of a diary farm is shown and he's talking about the menial work involved in milking the cows and how the only people he can get to do the work are immigrants, people from the U.S. don't do the work.

Here it's something similar. Despite all the unemployment, the jobs lower down the ladder of importance and pay are available, but no one takes them. When I left college with my computing diploma I worked as a driver and labourer for almost a year until I found the job I wanted. I painted oil equipment and cleaned toilets because I didn't want to be out of work. Sidetracked again, but it's an interesting debate that's brought up in the trailer, amongst many others.

The Wall does more than just cover that aspect. From the extended trailer it looks to cover the politics behind the act that made the fence, the procurement of the land for the fence building, the building itself, what the views of the people on both sides of the border are, and more to the point, what affect it's having on immigration.

Here's the first trailer:

Here's the extended trailer:

The Wall looks like a powerful documentary that focuses very clearly on the human consequence.



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