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Toy Story 3 Internet trailer, film showing at EIFF

ToyStory.jpgThere's a new trailer online for Toy Story 3, an Internet only one which shows a lot of the footage we've already seen, some new footage and a cool voice over man.

Further news out tells us that Toy Story 3 will be showing at the Edinburgh International Film Festival this year, just the day after it opens in the U.S.

The Artistic Director of the Edinburgh International Film Festival, Hannah McGill, was gushing about it and over at the EIFF site said:

"It's a great thrill to have a key 3D film in the Festival..."

Okay, I agree with what she says about it being a treat for the younger audiences, it's exciting to see the film there, especially when they've had a few special screenings from Pixar before, but a thrill to have 3D in the festival?

With that I have to disagree, considering what the EIFF brings us year after year, a 3D film is a complete damp squid, a screening of Clash of the Titans wouldn't go down as well, nor Piranha 3D...actually I might go to that, no matter, that's not the point. I think it's great to see Toy Story 3 at the festival, but I couldn't care if it's in 3D, and rather I would wish it wasn't.

Now, for that Internet trailer:



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