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Two Alien prequels in 3D

RidleyScott.jpgYes you are reading that right, Ridley Scott has revealed that the Alien prequel won't actually be one film but two, well dependent on if the first film is a success or not, and that they will both be shot in true 3D, no retrofitting allowed here.

I'm not sure how I feel about either, but there's some technical lighting issues with the 3D that Scott addresses that has me a little concerned.

Talking about the use of 3D in the film, from the outset too, no retrofitting of 3D afterwards, Ridley Scott reveals that there are a few issues filming in that way as 3D isn't very good in low light. So what the plan is to film in a much lighter environment and darken it down in post production.

"The problem is you'll have to grade it later. You'll have to grit your teeth and light it not the way you'd like it. And then later, you're gonna have to regrade it. Repaint it. In fact..."

Now to me the Alien films are so successful because of the use of the darkness and claustrophobia, so I wonder if that feeling will carry across to the prequel or not consideirng it won't be filmed in a dark environment.

The big news that Collider captured is that there are going to be two prequels, or at least there will be two prequels, probably if the first makes enough money.

"It'll be two. It'll be prequel one and two. Then Alien 1....At the moment I'm just trying to get the first one out."

The suggestion is that the second Alien prequel would take you up to the point of the first film, so that would probably tell you about the big alien creature we see sitting in that huge chair and why all the eggs are sitting around, something you can read about in the explanation of the plot from the previous story.

So what of the first prequel? More to the point, what do you think about the 3D and it being darkened down in post-production? Do you even want to see any prequels?



Maybe Ridders has tested some of the 3d cameras in low light and the image is too noisy.. but looking at developments in digital camera sensors in the last few years I would have thought that these days they are far superior to film stock in the same ASA rating. Not sure what Ridley is on about here, but he knows what he's doing. Can't wait for this.

Interest and exciment have got the blood flowing more fluently since reading this news. The interesting part is Scott filming in 3D. He is probably the only director that I can think of (although it is the morning) that having the tools of 3D at hand is as exciting as James Cameron using it for the first time, if not more so.

I remember watching or reading an interview with James Cameron and he said that he had a little moan to Ridley about the films he was making. He told him to stop messing about and get on with what he does best: science fiction! I can only imagine Cameron's words and recent work help knock some sense into Ridley. Saying that, Robin Hood looks good.

Did he learn nothing from Lucas. You can never go back!

Love Love Love the idea of two Alien prequels, but HATE HATE HATE the idea of doing them in 3D.


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