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Whedon writing and directing Avengers

JossWhedon.jpgRoars of excitement spread across the internet as it was announced that Joss Whedon could well be directing The Avengers superhero film, and that was followed by roars more that he would also be rewriting the Captain America script.

While all that sounds interesting, I do wonder what causes the great excitement of Whedon directing the film, after all, his directing career hasn't exactly been amazing.

Joss Whedon directed three episodes of Firefly, twenty-two of Buffy, seven of Angel, two of the American Office, three of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, three of Dollhouse and one of Glee, and all on television.

Feature film wise we've seen Serenity (Filmstalker review) and Commentary! The Musical. Now I don't know about you but I've only seen Serenity, and I really liked it, but is it worth all the excitement and screaming that people have for him directing The Avengers? It certainly wasn't a box office success.

I would be more excited if they said Jon Favreau was directing it, or Christopher Nolan, directors who have proven track records of delivering great superhero films. That's not Whedon.

Can he do it? I think he could. Serenity was a great film and brought together a number of characters, but then he wrote them all and had full license to do what he wanted with them. Here he's in the Marvel confines and will have to adhere to someone else's script, even if he can refine it.

For the other news of him rewriting the Captain America script, I'm much more excited, for he is a well proven and accomplished writer, even if his projects sometimes do falter – Firefly, Dollhouse, Wonder Woman, have all fallen through. Wonder Woman was perhaps the most annoying for it would have marked his first excursion into the superhero world, but it was not to be.

Don't get me wrong, I am keen to see him direct, and I do wonder why it took so long for another feature film to come to him, but he still only has one film under his belt and two pulled shows. Yes I know Buffy and Angel were long running, but they're long gone now, aren't they?

I think it's going to be a hell of a task for any director to bring together all those superhero characters, some of which haven't even had their origin stories yet, so he's got to tie that into the film as well as getting the characters together on their big adventure story. It's a big task for any director, especially one with one feature film to his name.

Do you think he's right for directing The Avengers? What about writing Captain America?



I think Whedon is perfect for this.

He does pop culture references better than anyone which fits the subject matter (the Ultimate Avengers book has Hulk getting jealous of Freddie Prinze Jnr because of Sarah Michelle Gellar, if I remember rightly).

Also he's written Marvel comics, which you don't mention. He probably has a better grasp on the subject matter than any potential director.

He's capable of taking multiple, strong characters and giving them each their moment to shine. He can handle comedy, serious drama, and horror.

He's been shafted TV-wise of late, but I'm really hoping the Avengers franchise will earn him the credit he deserves.

I didn't mention it because I didn't really think about it, and I'm sure only those in the know about Whedon or comics know about that aspect of his career.

This definitely helps with the writing, after all he's written for television, film, and written the characters in comics, so that's great to bring them together, but directing the film?

I have faith ;) I think he's proved he knows what he's doing behind the camera, even if it was smaller scale. The set pieces in Serenity, Buffy, Firefly are all pretty good by my standards.

My only nagging doubt is how well he'll handle the potential egos involved, but that would be on my mind whoever was directing this. Having said that, the actors behind Thor and Cap America aren't exactly major household names, RDJ is presumably going to be the biggest name in the Avengers.

I've been concerned about that from the first announcement of the film, but more than that it's how do you fit into a single film all the characters, the new character introductions and beginnings, as well as the plot and character story arcs? Spider-Man struggled with three bad guys, Fantastic Four struggled with five of them. This is going to strain to get past the introductions in the first film.


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