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Will Smith choose Men in Black III?

WillSmith.jpgJust the other day we heard that Will Smith had signed up to the third Men in Black film, and that rumour came through a site who claimed to have spoken directly to Barry Sonnenfeld, or so they claimed.

Seems Sony and Smith's representatives don't believe the rumour and are staying quiet, so either it's false or Smith is staying quiet until the whole thing is announced, he's done that before. However would he really choose Men in Black over something better, and believe me, there is a choice.

The choice would appear to be the Men in Black III film or The City That Sailed, a film which Francis Lawrence would direct, the same Francis Lawrence that directed Smith in I Am Legend (Filmstalker review) and ended up with a great film and a great performance from the actor.

So if you have that choice, as Entertainment Weekly says he does, would you really go for the tired franchise that took such a crappy hit with the talking dog in the first sequel, a film that's really not got much else to say? Or would you rather join up to something new and exciting from a rather superb director who has already directed you in a pretty damn good film and allowed you to deliver a damn good performance?

Personally I don't see the choice to be made. That's if there is a choice, we've seen before with other actors and even Will Smith himself, that they will deny a role right to the last.

Let's get the bigger picture here though, I don't want to see a new Men in Black. The first was fun, but they threw it out the window with the second. Why do we need a third? With the story suggesting it's a 3D film, we know what to expect, and it isn't quality.



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